The Only 5 Kinds of Campfires You’ll Ever Need

If you’re a big camper or you just want to try the outdoor activity, then the art and technique of setting up a campfire are one of the most vital skills you need to learn. Most people misunderstand this ability because they think that it is all about merely getting a fire going. By learning about these five different types of campfires and how to build them, you’ll be able to scare off animals, stay warm, cook or even just have a bonfire at the beach. Here is how to know the perfect fire for your situation.

Log Cabin: It is a fire requiring little maintenance. By piling the thick logs, starting with the thickest and thinner ones. While working your way up, you create a slow-burning sustainable fire while you do other chores or begin prepping the food. To build this fire, place two logs in parallel to each other in your pit. Once done, stack two more on top perpendicular to them and then proceed to stack logs to your desired height before placing the kindling in the center square and ignite.

Star: Unlike the other methods, the star method aligns the ends of a few logs so that they burn bit by bit. Lay about five logs around a small teepee fire with kindling, with one of the logs in the fire and the other way leading away from it like a point of a starfish. As the fire burns, keep nudging the logs.

Teepee: You will mostly be recommended this if you hotter flames as it has a broad circular base that allows for plenty of oxygen. It creates a formation that will concentrate the fire while still enabling sufficient oxygen to enter. You can start with enough and progressively add more.

Lean-To: The lean-to method comes in particularly handy when it is windy because it uses its wood as a windbreaker. First. Lay a thick log on tinder beside, on the side sheltered from the wind. Begin to lean small sticks against the log in a way that will go on top of the tinder. When you light the wood, it will cause the kindling to catch fire and begin burning the bigger log. Now, add larger stickers and when the fire is ready, attach another full-size log.

Platform: For cooking. Lay 3 or more logs and proceed to put three more on top of them perpendicularly. Follow this pattern for at least three levels and start the fire at the top.
Most essentially, know what type of wood to use and how to prepare your wood before lighting it. You should make sure to carry the right tools like a commercial fire starter for instance.

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